Every fall, Central Seminary conducts its annual Fall Conference. This one-day conference is designed to edify and equip believers in the areas of ministry and Christian life. Alumni, pastors, and friends from across the nation and around the world attend. Normally, this conference occurs on the first Tuesday in October.

2020 Conference – Gospel-Based Reconciliation

Racial and ethnic issues are at the forefront of many contemporary discussions. Tensions are perhaps as high as they were in the first century. How should the church navigate these issues? How does the message of the gospel overcome tension and division?

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 6, as Dr. Victor Clay, pastor of Dynamic Life Baptist Church in Kansas City and executive director of the Baptist Fellowship Association, preaches on this important issue. Dr. Clay is a frequent lecturer on this topic and has traveled and preached in many churches and conferences.


  • Biblical Rationale for Ethnic Diversity
  • The Christian’s Mindset in a Turbulent World
  • The Practices for Gospel-Based Reconciliation
  • Question and Answer


8:00am –8:30am         Registration

8:30am–9:30am           Session I

9:30am–9:45am           Break (auditorium or outside)

9:45am–10:45am         Session II

10:45am–11:00am       Break (auditorium or outside)

11:00am–12:00pm      Session III

12:00pm–12:30pm      Audience Q and A

12:30pm                      Dismissal

A box lunch will be provided to take after the conference.

12:45pm – 1:15pm      Alumni Association Meeting (auditorium)

Due to the pandemic:

  • No nursery provided
  • No congregating in the foyer
  • No open/sharing food
  • Social distancing and masks required at all times (Per executive order 20-81 and the MN Dep. of Higher Ed.)

DO NOT ATTEND if you have any symptoms, have been exposed to the virus in any way, or are awaiting a COVID test result.

The conference will be livestreamed and recorded.

The schedule and practices are subject to change.

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