Fall Conference

 Every fall, Central Seminary conducts its annual Fall Conference. This one-day conference is designed to edify and equip believers in the areas of ministry and   Christian life. Alumni, pastors, and friends from across the nation and around the world attend. Our 2024 Conference is coming up on Tuesday, October 15.  

The Essence of Biblical Preaching – 2023 Fall Conference with Dr. Brent Belford

Session 1 Video | Notes – Evaluating Preaching Models: Part 1
          Christ-centered & Gospel-centered Preaching

Session 2 Video | Notes – Evaluating Preaching Models: Part 2
          Theocentric & Pneumacentric Preaching

Session 3 Video | Notes – Suggesting an Approach
          Text-Driven, Doxological Preaching

PDF: All Session Notes & Suggested Bibliography

2023 Fall Conference Booklet [PDF]

Fall 2019 – Chris Anderson



Fall 2018 – Jim Tillotson

Fall 2017 – Larry Pettegrew

Fall 2015 – Sam Horn