Master of Arts

Biblical Studies or Counseling

The purpose of the Master of Arts program is to develop students’ theological competency and practical skills in order that they might minister more effectively in support roles within their local churches.

You want to minister more effectively in your church, but you don’t know how. You’ve had some opportunities to counsel, but you struggle to know what to do. Things get so complicated so quickly. All you know is a few well worn cliches and a pat on the back.

You know the Bible has answers; you’re just not sure how to provide them. Maybe you’ve been given the chance to teach. It’s been exciting, but you are discovering that it’s difficult to present anything with depth. You’re just not sure how to make the connections and present the truth.

The Master of Arts could be the solution for which you are looking. With two tracks, one in Biblical Counseling and one in Theology, it is customizable, so that you can prepare for the ministry God has given you. The Master of Arts is a great start. You will begin obtaining the tools you need to make use of the power of the Word of God.


Applicants must hold a recognized four-year bachelors degree with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Applicants with a GPA greater than or equal to 2.0 but less than 2.5 will be accepted on probation. See catalog for more details.



The M.A.T. degree consists of 36 credit hours: 20 credits form the core, while 16 credits form the concentration. Students in any concentration will take the following courses.

MAT Core (20 hours)


Capstone Project (2 hours)

Bible Exposition (2 hours)
BI 571 2 Hermeneutics

Systematic Theology (16 hours)
ST 511 2 Research and Writing
ST 551 2 Systematic Theology 1
ST 552 2 Systematic Theology 2
ST 626 2 Knowing and Loving God
ST 651 2 Systematic Theology 3
ST 652 2 Systematic Theology 4
ST 751 2 Systematic Theology 5
ST 752 2 Systematic Theology 6

Biblical Studies Concentration (16 hours)

Biblical Exposition (4 hours)
BI 544 2 Acts
BI 545 2 Romans

Historical Theology (2 hours)
HT 601 2 Baptist History

Practical Theology (2 hours)
PT ___ 2 Internship

Systematic Theology (2 hours)
ST 701 2 Dispensations

Electives (6 hours)
______ 6 General

Biblical Counseling Concentration (16 hours)

Required Courses (10 hours)
CO 501 2 Foundations of Biblical Counseling
CO 521 2 Methods of Biblical Change
CO 523 2 Marriage Counseling
CO 526 2 Problems and Procedures
CO ___ 2 Internship

Electives (4 hours from the following)
CO 524 2 Family Counseling & Parenting Skills
CO 525 2 Physical Man vs. Immaterial Man
CO 560 2 Women’s Issues
CO 565 2 Counseling/Discipleship: A Local Church Ministry

Independent Studies (Up to 6 hours may be substituted for electives)
CO 581 2 Biblical Training 1
CO 582 2 Biblical Training 2
CO 650 2 NANC Membership Seminar