Financial Info

The current tuition rate is $350 per Masters credit and $400 per post-graduate credit.

If you are considering training at Central Seminary and desire financial help, you might be eligible for assistance.

Please read the Scholarship Guidelines (below) before filling out the application. If you are interested in applying for scholarships, you can do so online using our Scholarship Form.

Once your application is submitted, the scholarship committee will determine the measure of financial help which is available to you. Every effort will be made to assist you in fulfilling your desire to serve the Lord.

We also have local job and housing options available, or you can speak with our director of recruitment, Dr. Matt Shrader, for more specific options.

Guidelines for Student Scholarships

  1. Any student desiring to be considered for scholarship or tuition assistance must apply through the seminary office. An Application for Scholarship form (available on the web site) must be filled out completely. If the form is not complete and accurate, scholarship help will be denied. If there are changes regarding income during the semester, the student is required to make that known to the seminary office. That student’s scholarship will then be revisited and adjusted if necessary.
  2. Scholarship forms must be updated prior to each semester. A Scholarship Update form is available on the web site. If no update is submitted, it will be assumed that the student needs no scholarship that semester.
  3. Scholarships granted are for each semester, and include the modular that immediately follows that semester.
  4. Scholarship funds are granted based on “real financial need” as determined by the scholarship committee after examination of the scholarship application. Scholarships will not usually exceed 50% of the student’s tuition per semester.
  1. Funds will be made available to qualified students only as funds are made available to the seminary. The seminary requests that students be as frugal as possible, realizing that many faithful servants are sacrificing to make these funds available. Scholarships are not for the purpose of helping students raise their standard of living.
  2. The determination for scholarship will be made after the drop/add period each semester. One of the criteria for scholarships is the amount of the student’s tuition for a given semester.
  3. If a student receiving scholarship drops a course(s), the scholarship amount that was granted will be re-evaluated. If adjustments need to be made, it will be reflected on the student’s bill.
  4. Any questions concerning the amount of scholarship granted or the refusal to grant scholarships must be directed to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Your inquiries are welcomed and an explanation regarding the student’s scholarship status will be communicated if requested.