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Leadership Giving

The development program of Central Seminary, called Leadership Giving, allows those who are committed to meeting the need of preparing Christian leaders to invest in the future ministries of seminary students. Participants give on a regular basis to the ministry of Central Seminary, whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. To participate in our Leadership Giving Program, simply indicate “Leadership Giving” in the comment field when you donate. Please feel free to email Ron Gotzman, Vice President of Advancement, anytime.

Legacy Giving

A second giving program of Central Seminary, called Legacy Giving, allows interested donors to invest in the future ministries of seminary students through other means. Participants can include Central Seminary in their estate plans through wills, trusts, or other planned gifts. To participate in our Legacy Giving Program, simply download our legacy giving brochure below and return it to Central Seminary or email us at Please feel free to email Ron Gotzman, Vice President of Advancement, anytime with further questions.

Thank You to our Donors!

Central Seminary and WCTS have received the following memorial gifts in 2022:

Central Seminary

In memory of Dr. Charles Hauser:

  • Stan Lightfoot
  • Pewee Valley Baptist Church
  • Stephen Powell
  • Deb Soderblom

WCTS Radio

In memory of Jerome and Florence Benedict:

  • Grant Sorenson

In memory of Peggy Briggs:

  • Carol Constable

In memory of Ron Constable:

  • Carol Constable
  • Mark Hunsley

    In memory of Robert Davis:

    • Daniel Beenken

      In memory of John and Mary Hartzell:

      • Carol Constable

      In memory of Gary Hovind:

      • Gordon Stock

      In memory of Dewey Russell:

      • Several anonymous donors
      • Barb Anderson
      • Harlan Anderson
      • Edwin Beals
      • John Burns
      • Jay Camilli
      • Cheryl Capetz
      • Helen Clark
      • Steve Davis
      • Rebecca Deschneau
      • Deckert Law Firm
      • Donald Erickson
      • Daniel Erklouts
      • Donna Erklouts
      • Richard Ganzel
      • LeRoy Gilbert
      • Susan Hall
      • Paul Harmon
      • Ralph and Karla Harmon
      • Maynard Hoff
      • Sue Kela
      • Feroze Khan
      • Jeff King
      • Richard Kravik
      • Daniel Larson
      • Dapo Lawoyin
      • Kathy Lemire
      • Sam Macalus
      • Samuel Macalus
      • Margaret MacDonald
      • Colleen Mahoney
      • Doug McLachlan
      • Karl Metzler
      • Arliss Miller
      • Norm Miranda
      • Chatru Mohinani
      • Craig Muri
      • Diana Nagle
      • Mark Nickeson
      • Gerald Nystrom
      • Don Odens
      • Pamela Parrish
      • Charles Peterson
      • John and Nancy Reynolds
      • Kenda Rodenberg
      • Carole Russell
      • Gary Russell
      • David Sanders
      • Morris Stenberg
      • Darci Stroud
      • Peter Tokle
      • Cheryl Tuttle
      • Walter and Providencia Ver Steeg
      • Terry Westphal
      • Mary D. Wickham
      • Alice Wheeler




        Central Seminary exists to prepare Christian leaders who love rightly, judge wisely, and lead gently.


        The Need:  The actual cost of educating our students significantly outweighs the amount we charge for tuition and fees. On average, each student pays only about one-fifth the actual cost of the education received. We depend on God’s people to make up the difference. Constituents who participate in our Leadership Giving program, for instance, help us to bridge the funding gap and assist us in preparing Christian leaders. Apart from the generosity of those like you, many of our students simply could not afford the quality education that Central Seminary provides.

        The Work:  Active Students – Currently, around 100 students exist in the M.A., M.Div., Th.M., and D.Min. programs.

        Faculty:  Gifted and qualified professors with pastoral experience provide ministerial education of the highest quality.

        Accreditation:  Central is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

        Missions:  In addition to training students for global missions, Central sends professors all around the world.