2018-2019 School Year

FALL 2018 


Aug 20                                    Seminary Golf Tournament
Aug 21–23                              Faculty In-Service
Aug 23–24                              Entrance Exams
Aug 24                                    Student Orientation; Last day for Fall Registration
Aug 27                                    New Distance Student Orientation  
Aug 28                                    Regular Classes Begin
Aug 28–31                              Drop/Add Week


Sept 3                                      Labor Day
Sept 14                                    Course Work for Summer Module due
Sept 15                                    Fall Student Picnic


Oct 2                                       Fall Conference
Oct 12                                     Last day to withdraw from class without penalty
Oct 29-Nov 2                          Modular I Courses
Oct 29                                     Drop/Add Day for Modular I Courses


Nov 5                                      Registration for Spring Semester Courses opens
Nov 5-9                                   Modular II Courses
Nov 5                                      Drop/Add Day for Modular II Courses                     
Nov 8-9                                   Fall Board Meeting
Nov 21–23                              Thanksgiving Break – No Class
Nov 30                                    Booklist for Spring Modular I Courses due


Dec 14                                     Last Day of Fall Classes
Dec. 18                                    Professors’ Pancake Palace
Dec 18–21                               Finals Week




Jan 3                                        New Distance Student Orientation
Jan 4                                        New Residential Student Orientation; Last day for Spring Registration
Jan 7–18                                  Modular I Courses
Jan 7                                        Drop/Add Day for Modular I Courses
Jan 22                                      Regular Classes Begin
Jan 22–25                                Drop/Add Week
Jan 25                                      Course Work for Fall Modular I and II due


Feb 5                                       MacDonald Lecture Series


Mar 8                                      Last day to withdraw from class without penalty
Mar 9                                      Student Banquet
Mar 25                                    Registration for Summer Modules opens
Mar 25–29                              Modular II Courses; Academic Assessments
Mar 25                                    Drop/Add Day for Modular II Courses


April 1–5                                 Modular III Courses; Senior Doctrinal Defense
April 1                                     Drop/Add Day for Modular III Courses
April 15                                   Friends & Family Banquet
April 22                                   Registration for Fall Semester Courses opens


May 3                                      Last Day of Spring Classes
May 6–9                                  Finals Week
May 9–10                                Spring Board Meeting
May 11                                    Commencement
May 31                                    Last Day for Summer Registration
May 31                                    Distance Orientation


June 3–21                                Summer Modules
June 3                                      Drop/Add Day for Summer Modules
June 28                                    Course Work for Spring Modular II and III due


July 9–12                                 DMin Course: Preaching Prophecy