2018-2019 School Year

FALL 2018 


Aug 20                                    Seminary Golf Tournament
Aug 21–23                              Faculty In-Service
Aug 23–24                              Entrance Exams
Aug 24                                    Student Orientation; Last day for Fall Registration
Aug 27                                    New Distance Student Orientation  
Aug 28                                    Regular Classes Begin
Aug 28–31                              Drop/Add Week


Sept 3                                      Labor Day
Sept 14                                    Course Work for Summer Module due
Sept 15                                    Fall Student Picnic


Oct 2                                       Fall Conference
Oct 12                                     Last day to withdraw from class without penalty
Oct 29-Nov 2                          Modular I Courses
Oct 29                                     Drop/Add Day for Modular I Courses


Nov 5                                      Registration for Spring Semester Courses opens
Nov 5-9                                   Modular II Courses
Nov 5                                      Drop/Add Day for Modular II Courses                     
Nov 8-9                                   Fall Board Meeting
Nov 21–23                              Thanksgiving Break – No Class
Nov 30                                    Booklist for Spring Modular I Courses due


Dec 14                                     Last Day of Fall Classes
Dec. 18                                    Professors’ Pancake Palace
Dec 18–21                               Finals Week




Jan 3                                        New Distance Student Orientation
Jan 4                                        New Residential Student Orientation; Last day for Spring Registration
Jan 7–18                                  Modular I Courses
Jan 7                                        Drop/Add Day for Modular I Courses
Jan 22                                      Regular Classes Begin
Jan 22–25                                Drop/Add Week
Jan 25                                      Course Work for Fall Modular I and II due


Feb 5                                       MacDonald Lecture Series


Mar 8                                      Last day to withdraw from class without penalty
Mar 9                                      Student Banquet
Mar 25                                    Registration for Summer Modules opens
Mar 25–29                              Modular II Courses; Academic Assessments
Mar 25                                    Drop/Add Day for Modular II Courses


April 1–5                                 Modular III Courses; Senior Doctrinal Defense
April 1                                     Drop/Add Day for Modular III Courses
April 15                                   Friends & Family Banquet
April 22                                   Registration for Fall Semester Courses opens


May 3                                      Last Day of Spring Classes
May 6–9                                  Finals Week
May 9–10                                Spring Board Meeting
May 11                                    Commencement
May 31                                    Last Day for Summer Registration


June 3–21                                Summer Modules
June 3                                      Drop/Add Day for Summer Modules
June 28                                    Course Work for Spring Modular II and III due