Faculty Publications

Recent Publications

Jeff Straub, “A Young Man’s Difficulty with His Bible, ” in Once for All Delivered to the Saints, 55–79, ed. Michael A.G. Haykin and Allen R. Mickle. Wipf and Stock, 2019. 

Ryan Martin, Understanding Affections in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards: The High Exercises of Divine Love. T&T Clark, 2018.

Jeff Straub, “Hezekiah Harvey,” in A Noble Company: Biographical Essays on Notable Particular-Regular Baptists in America, edited by Terry Wolever, vol. 11, 25–49. Particular Baptist Press, 2018.

Jeff Straub, The Making of a Battle Royal: The Rise of Liberalism in Northern Baptist Life, 1870-1920. Wipf and Stock, 2018.

Douglas McLachlan, Thirsting for Authenticity: Calling the Church to Robust Christianity. Create Space Publishing, 2018.

Forthcoming Publications