Visit Classes

Friends and Alumni of Central Seminary can attend any or all of the masters level course hours offered at Central Seminary as a visitor. Attend on campus or online.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak , all CBTS classes will be held entirely online until further notice.

All visitors must complete a visitor form in lieu of a formal seminary application. Enter the course number (e.g. CO501) and the course name (course schedules). The personal information requested is for our records only. The form below and the $100 visitor fee (not applicable to alumni) must be submitted to the seminary office at least one  before class begins; fee is payable by cash, check, or credit card. Please email for more information. Online visitor will need to have the proper hardware and software and abide by all seminary guidelines and etiquette. Click here for information.

Up coming classes:

Modular II (3/23-3/27): 
ST 622 Apologetics and Christian Worldview [7:30am to 1:00pm] Room 271
Michael Riley, PhD
An exploration of the construction of worldviews, with application to the communication of Christian truth both to believers and unbeliev-ers. Apologetics will be treated as a special instance of communi-cating truth to unbelievers. Contrasting approaches to apologetics will be evaluated for their consistency with the cultivation of a Christian’s worldview.

BI 543 John [7:30am to 1:00pm] Room 273
Robert Lillo, PhD
An exposition of the book of John from the English text. Attention is given to matters of special introduction, narrative criticism, Johan-nine theology, and interpretive issues in regard to the content of the book. 

Modular III (3/30-4/3)
NT 511 New Testament Introduction [7:30am to 1:00pm] Room 271
Jon Pratt, PhD
An introductory study of the New Testament, including consideration of the following topics: historical background, canonicity, textual and literary criticism, and special introduction.

ST 552 – Systematic Theology II: Trinitarianism & Christology [7:30am to 1:00pm] Room 273
Kevin Bauder, PhD, DMin
A study of trinitarianism (the biblical doctrine of the unity and tri-personality of God) and Christology (the biblical doctrine of the person of Jesus Christ).

Central Seminary is under no obligation to accept or allow visitors. Visitors are not subject to course requirements or attendance policies and they do not pay any other fees; therefore the following restrictions apply:

  • visitors should ask questions outside of class to maximize the opportunity for matriculated students to participate.
  • visitor participation is up to the discretion of the professor.
  • services covered by fees not paid, such as computer or library access, are not available to visitors
  • scholarships are not available to visitors.
  • dress code is business casual.