Israel Study Tour = Fun & Learning

In January 2018, a group from Central Seminary took the opportunity to explore the land of Israel on an 11-day study tour. We surveyed the various regions of the country such as the coastal plains, the Jezreel valley, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan rift, Samaria, and the Judean hills. Our visits to many important sites and cities was capped off by experiencing the place where God has chosen to place His name – Jerusalem herself.

Geography, archaeology, and theology all come together. The remnants of Herod the Great’s many building projects reflect the ambitions of a powerful, successful man often in sharp contention with those who strive after the one true God.  The temple mount stands as a testament to a once vibrant place of worship, a place that once was and yet will be once again.

In addition to vibrant biblical information, a trip like this gives its participants new friendships and lasting camaraderie. Sailing together on the Sea of Galilee, climbing Masada with one another, and even enjoying a meal while discussing the day’s adventure at a Jerusalem cafe, fosters relationships which grow around the truth of God’s Word as illustrated by the legacy of the Promised Land.

Our hope at Central Seminary is to lead regular study tours of Israel, providing students with the opportunity to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and in their ability to teach the Bible to others.

Contact Adam Keim ( if you are interested in joining future tours.