Fall Semester Ends with Pancake Bash

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing the Central Seminary professors’ pancake breakfast, you have missed out on one of the traditions that makes Central Seminary great. In the midst of the grueling finals schedule, students are invited to take a few moments out of their studying and enjoy breakfast prepared by the same professors whose tests they dread. Most students will take advantage of the opportunity for some brain food as do numerous members of Fourth Baptist Church and many of the students of Fourth Baptist Christian School. The resulting atmosphere is filled with clamorous conversations, eruptions of laughter, and several invitations to return for more food.

The prices are an extraordinary value with every item on the menu costing a mere quarter. The professors grill up pancakes, both original and banana (which are based on a secret recipe passed on through several generations of profs to Adam Keim who now oversees the operation), sausage, and eggs all served with milk, juice, coffee, or all three. The professors don their chefs hats and aprons and slave over hot griddles for close to two hours serving patron after patron.

This Central Seminary tradition serves the students well. It reminds them that rest in labor is good. It provides an opportunity to observe servant leadership. And the conversations and laughter go a long way to rejuvenating the mind. If you get the opportunity to participate in this tradition, I am confident you’ll find that it’s worth it.