Distance Ed Extends Central’s Reach

Many pastors and missionaries desire to further their theological training and attend a seminary but cannot take time to leave their churches or mission fields. Because of this, some feel like they must settle for an online degree that is less than desirable. Central Seminary believes that pastors, missionaries, and students should not have to settle. We believe there are no shortcuts in ministry. Effective ministry often comes from effective preparation.

Central Seminary has designed a distance education program that is different from most. It puts the distance student in the classroom during the class. Through multiple high definition cameras and monitors, advanced sound equipment, and the best conference software available, distance students will be able to interact live with each class.

Central Seminary’s distance education program is not a separate program – it’s only a medium. None of our academic programs have been lessened and every requirement is the same. The only difference between resident students and distance students is just that…distance. All of our graduate programs (MAT in either Biblical Studies or Biblical Counseling and MDiv) along with our Th.M. and D.Min. are offered in their entirety through this medium.

Learn theology from theologians.
Learn history from historians.
Learn Greek and Hebrew from people that know them.
Learn ministry from pastors, not programs.
Be a student, not a consumer.

For more information, contact Matt Shrader at mshrader@centralseminary.edu.

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