“Give to the Max” has arrived! It began November 1 and it will end on November 18. Many years ago, Central Baptist Theological Seminary began to participate in “Give to the Max Day” every November. The event is sponsored by GiveMN, a coordinating organization for charitable institutions. It is intended to encourage giving to Minnesota-based charities, including Central Seminary.

The event is no longer just a day. “Give to the Max” now takes nearly three weeks. From now until November 18 every gift will be matched until we reach a total of $50,000. More on that in a moment. First, here’s why you should consider donating to Central Seminary during the Give to the Max event.

Think for a moment about the church at Philippi. When the apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians, that church was experiencing the double affliction of persecution and poverty. The members heard that Paul was in prison, and they wanted to help him. They gathered as much money as they could, and they sent one of their fellow members to carry it as a gift to Paul. Though the gift came from their poverty, it touched Paul deeply. They had given him their money, and they had taken his need upon themselves. He praised them and reassured them that God would supply the need that they now experienced. Just as importantly, he promised that their gift would result in fruit that would be lavishly credited to their account (Phil 4:18–19).

The principle that Paul articulates is important. When we give financial help to others who are doing God’s work, God reckons their work as our work. What they accomplish is credited to us. God rewards us for the work that He does through those whom we support.

This principle still applies today. I may never be able to go to Madagascar or Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, if I support the work of a missionary in those places, then I have a real stake in God’s work there. As souls are reached and discipled, and as churches are planted and grow to maturity, then God credits me with a part of that work. I become a full partner in God’s work wherever I give it my support.

This principle is relevant to our situation. Central Baptist Theological Seminary is training students all over the world. We have Lyosha Savchuk in the Ukraine. We have Davi de Lima in Brazil. We have Chopo Mwanza and Ken Banda in Zambia. We have Philip Omurocho in Kenya. We have Ellis and Jillian Narcisse in Bolivia. We even have Nate Wagner in Minnetonka. These are only a few of our students. Central Seminary is training many more Christian leaders through its global outreach. In fact, we have more students this year than we have had in more than ten years.

We are investing in the education of these students because they are, or promise to be, key leaders of churches and other ministries in the countries where they live. Through our Zoom technology we can bring advanced levels of biblical and theological training to serious students, whether they live across the street or across the ocean. We are doing the Lord’s work in places that we’ll probably never go.

By giving to Central Seminary you gain a stake in this great work. You, too, can minister in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. In the same way that the Philippians helped Paul through their gifts, you can help to train Lyosha, Chopo, and Davi through your gifts. Just as the Philippians gained a share in the rewards of Paul’s work, you can gain a share in the work that Central Seminary does.

We promise you that Central Seminary will spend every dollar of your gift carefully. We aren’t lining anybody’s pockets. We’re doing ministry, just as we have been for sixty-five years. Our founder and first president, R. V. Clearwaters, often said that a call to minister is also a call to prepare. He established Central Baptist Theological Seminary to prepare Christian leaders. We still hold that vision, only now it spans the globe. Central Baptist Theological Seminary exists to assist local churches in equipping spiritual leaders for Christ-exalting biblical ministry.

Do you want a piece of that action? Then we invite you to give! Generous donors think that what we do is important enough that they have agreed to match every gift up to $50,000. That means that if we meet our goal, your donations will help turn $50,000 into $100,000! Since WCTS is a subsidiary of Central Seminary, gifts to AM 1030 will count toward this total.

You can give on our website at www.centralseminary.edu/give or www.wctsradio.com/give. Or you can phone us from 8:00 AM through 3:00 PM Monday through Friday at 763.417.8250. We’ll be happy to assist you. If you wish, you can mail your gift to Central Baptist Theological Seminary at 900 Forestview Ln. N., Plymouth, MN 55441.

Your support allows us to equip pastors and missionaries in the United States. It enables us to train pastors and teachers around the world. It empowers us to broadcast the gospel twenty-four hours a day. Thank you for your support in furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ.




Let the Song Go Round the Earth

Sarah Geraldina Stock (1839–1898)

Let the song go round the earth,
Jesus Christ is Lord!
Sound His praises, tell His worth,
Be His Name adored;
Every clime and every tongue
Join the grand, the glorious song!

Let the song go round the earth!
From the eastern sea,
Where the daylight has its birth,
Glad, and bright, and free!
China’s millions join the strains,
Waft them on to India’s plains.

Let the song go round the earth!
Lands where Islam’s sway
Darkly broods o’er home and hearth,
Cast their bonds away!
Let His praise from Afric’s shore
Rise and swell her wide lands o’er!

Let the song go round the earth!
Where the summer smiles;
Let the notes of holy mirth
Break from distant isles!
Inland forests, dark and dim,
Icebound coasts give back the hymn.

Let the song go round the earth!
Jesus Christ is King!
With the story of His worth
Let the whole world ring!
Him creation all adore
Evermore and evermore!