Central Baptist Theological Seminary is thrilled to announce its commencement ceremony, honoring the graduates of the class of 2024. The ceremony will be held on Friday, May 10, at 7:00 PM. in the auditorium of Fourth Baptist Church. Diplomas will be conferred for the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling, Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry degrees.


Follow the livestream at www.centralseminary.edu/live 

2024 Commencement Speaker: Dr. Lee Ormiston 

Our 2024 commencement speaker will be area pastor and long-time faculty and board member Dr. Lee Ormiston. 

About Dr. Ormiston

Lee Ormiston is the founding pastor of Family Baptist Church in downtown Minneapolis, where he continues to serve as Pastor EmeritusHe is also a Chairman of the Baptist Mid-Missions Foundation and has been part of the Elected Counsel of Baptist Mid-Missions for over 20 years.

Prior to planting Family Baptist Church, Lee served as Pastor of Evangelism at Fourth Baptist Church while attending Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis. When Fourth Baptist Church and Central Seminary relocated to Plymouth in 1997, Family Baptist Church was planted to continue a witness in the inter-city Minneapolis neighborhood.

Dr. Ormiston received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from North Dakota State University, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Sacred Ministries from Northland International University. He is an adjunct professor at Bob Jones University and has taught for many years at Central.

The Word and the Testimony

by Dr. Richard V. Clearwaters
Founder of Central Seminary
Isaiah 8:20

To the Law and Testimony
Ever shall be Central’s song;
For within these sacred pages
We have found the Father’s Son.
Of our service He is worthy,
For His form we plainly see,
In the pages of the Volume
Daily witnessed there for me.

Words there great and oh so precious,
Ever speaking loud and clear
To lost sinners, poor and needy,
By God’s nature, now drawn near.
For the hunger that He gives us,
By this Self of His within;
We are pure in daily living,
Through the power He gives to men.

In the world and no part of it,
We will shun its sin and lust;
For the Savior’s image charms us
Through the Book, for us to trust.
In the highways and the byways,
In the halls with noise and din;
Here at “Central” He is central,
Like the Book that brings us Him.