Doug Wilson considers the role that tradition plays, particularly for those who think they don’t have one. The observation is part of a larger question about the relationship between biblicism and assumptions.

Now given that absolutely everyone has controlling presuppositions, I want to do everything in my power to keep mine out where I can see them. As Socrates put it once, the unexamined presupposition is not worth sitting on. Presuppositions can be sneaky little busters, and they really bear watching.

But they all have names. When you get to know them, they cause a lot less trouble.

And incidentally, my desires in this, however noble they might be, do not mean that I have successfully examined all of my assumptions. No, I know that I have not. But I do know that I have examined a lot more of them, in the light of Scripture, than I had done back in the day when I thought that I didn’t have any.