Ah, the roster of the sweet singers. There is Isaac Watts, the little man that nobody would marry because he was so homely, but he wrote hymns, and what hymns he did write. Meditating on an Isaac Watts hymn will take you further into the presence of God than any song sung today.

Also, there was Nicolaus Zinzendorf, an accountant and wealthy businessman, who was marvelously converted in the Moravian church. He became the leader in the church, and under his ministry came a great revival. Some of his hymns were “Jesus, the Lord, Our Righteousness”; “O Come, Thou Stricken Lamb of God”; “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness”; and “Jesus, Still Lead On.” Ah, and what hymns.

Then there were men like Charles Wesley, Isaac Newton, William Cowper (“ There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood”), James Montgomery, Bernard of Cluny, and Bernard of Clairvaux. Then there was Paul Gerhardt, Tersteegen, Kelly, Anderson, and Toplady. The list goes on and on of the sweet singers of God.

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