Miguel Ruiz offers “10 Signs a Church May Be Trying Too Hard to Be Hipster.” He includes suggestions for “better ideas.” Here’s a sample:

7.  Everything is super casual.

We dress comfortable to feel comfortable. People like being comfortable, and we want them to like being in church, so let’s make church comfortable! After all, if God accepts us as we are, why bother getting all fancy? We wouldn’t want to project the impression that our good work of formality makes our worship more valid, right?

If people think they have to straighten up before God will accept them, they will probably never come to him. And for Pete’s sake, please don’t conduct the liturgy like Pope Frankenstein the third! Let’s be lively, warm, and welcoming so that people feel like the sanctuary is their second home.

It’s not like God is really present when we come together!

A better idea: What if we made worship, in presentation and conduct, look like it was the most important thing that happened in our week?