If there is but one unified, non-contradictory network of biblical truth, indeed of all truth, due to the eternal self-consistency of the self-contained tri-unity of the God of all truth, it follows that there must be an honest attempt to resolve difficulties within the Scripture. One simply does not have the luxury of rejoicing in biblical antinomies and ultimate unintelligibility, due to the majesty and other-worldliness of the Bible and the finiteness of human understanding. Scripture was given in human languages to be understood by human beings and carries an essential and indigenous perspicuity. There is a unitary authorship between God and the human authors that has resulted in a Bible that conveys infinite divine truth through purely human beings and their languages with their linguistic categories. Both the writers and their first readers/hearers understood the essence of God’s message and were not caught up in an impenetrable fog of linguistic opaqueness.

Rolland McCune, A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity, Vol. 3, ,p. 104