Central Seminary begins every academic year with an in-service meeting of all professors. You may be interested to know that this year’s in-service has been devoted significantly to training in two technologies.


Central Seminary gives an enhanced version of Logos Platinum to all incoming MDiv students. Logos then becomes a significant teaching and research tool through the entire curriculum. To do that, professors need to be fairly expert in using the program themselves.

Distance Ed

Beginning this fall, Central Seminary is offering all courses in synchronous Distance Education. Electronic classes are coordinated on a program called Zoom, which allows each student to see the professor and all other students. This setup creates an electronic “virtual classroom.” We’ve been experimenting with the technology for months. Now is the time to be sure that all professors know how to use it.

It isn’t too late to enroll for fall classes or to receive Logos Platinum. Contact Daniel Johnson at Central Seminary (djohnson@centralseminary.edu).