The visit to Bob Jones University went well. It’s an exciting place right now. I spent my time with the seminary, which has been strengthened by the addition of Neil Cushman (Ph.D. from Clarks Summit) and Greg Stiekes (Ph.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary). I was glad to get a look at it. Taken on balance, I believe that I can recommend Bob Jones University more highly than ever.

Unfortunately, my commitments yesterday left me without opportunity to update the Central Seminary blog. I try to make that a daily occurrence. My apologies for having to skip a day.

It was an odd feeling to know that a president was being elected, but to be so bound up with activity that the political events hardly even registered. When I collapsed in bed last night, I had no interest in hearing how the election had turned out.

I fully expected to wake up to news about another President Clinton this morning. To my surprise I learned that we shall have President Trump. I am not unhappy with this turn of events. While neither was a good choice, I dreaded the prospect of four years with Hillary and the helm.

Having said that, I hardly look at President-To-Be Trump as the savior of America. Conservatism is not the same thing as nationalism. It is not the same thing as fiscal responsibility (though conservatism does entail fiscal responsibility)–and, in any event, we have no reason to believe that President Trump will be fiscally responsible. True patriotism is never promoted through braggadocio and bluster. We will have a president who has publicly boasted about doing the kind of things for which Hillary’s husband was subjected to public shame. That we could have a President Trump is a statement about how much America has changed, how far our expectations have been degraded, how much virtue has been lost, and how brazenly we have learned to celebrate the vile.

I am relieved that we appear to have dodged a bullet, but I am not hopeful about the next four years.