According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio Legislature wants to open up the possibility of faculty and students legally carrying their concealed handguns on college and university campuses. Predictably, university professors are in hysterics. They have sent a resolution to the legislature stating that, “The free and open exchange of ideas is a fundamental component of the mission of public higher education in the State of Ohio and such exchanges are facilitated by environments that are violence‐free/safe spaces,” and insisting that, “An understanding that individuals engaged in these exchanges could legally possess handguns would significantly and negatively impact the dynamic of those discussions and the value of higher education.”

In other words, if somebody in the room might have a gun, we couldn’t talk freely. Evidently, the effete educators of Ohio have never observed a political conversation at a shooting range. If they had, they would have encountered a more free exchange of ideas than most of them are willing to allow in their classrooms–and all without fear of intimidation.

By outlawing concealed handguns on campuses, Ohio has made its colleges and universities “soft targets.” A fanatic with a car and knife can terrorize an entire campus, as one just did at Ohio State. Knife attacks have also occurred at Ithaca College, Emerson College, Peru State College in Nebraska, Rutgers University, and the University of California (Merced).

When will someone stop the knife violence?

Meanwhile, the Ohio Legislature is on the right track.