Every March, Fourth Baptist Church hosts its annual Missions Conference, giving our students, faculty, and staff a neat opportunity to hear of the work of the gospel around the world.

This year’s missionaries were:

Dr. Andy & Jo Ellen Counterman (Latin America), Dan & Jeanne Ann Herman (Ireland), and Aaron & Rachel Houtz (Alaska).

  • The Countermans serve with BEME-LA, where Andy is the Senior Director of Baptist Evangelistic Ministry Endeavors – Latin America. Dr. Counterman’s ministry includes traveling to churches to share their mission of supporting national pastors in planting churches throughout Latin America.
  • The Hermans are raising support as long-term missionaries to Ireland. The Hermans served at Northland and in the pastorate before being called to foreign missions.
  • The Houtz family is raising support to serve as aviation missionaries to the remote villages of the Alaskan Bush.

It was a blessing to hear of their burden for their mission fields, and the specific ways God has directed in calling them to their field.

In chapel this week, our students got to hear a challenge on James 1:22 “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only” from Pastor Counterman. Andy started seminary at Central and completed his degree at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in Lansdale, CA.

Our faculty and staff also got to share lunch with the missionaries and learn more about their fields of service.

Central Seminary has always had a heart for missions. Through our Global Outreach program, God has used Central Seminary to start seminary campuses and help with training nationals all around the world! We require every M.Div. student to take our “Introduction to Personal and World Evangelism” course, and we also offer several electives on topics like the theology of missions and cross-cultural ministry. In addition, many of our students are currently serving on the mission field as they continue their education with Central Seminary. We are thankful for how God has used Central Seminary and created a “global campus” of students from all around the world!

To learn more about the missionaries listed above, visit the links in each of their bios.

To download a copy of Fourth Baptist’s Missions Brochure, click here.

Are you thinking about serving in foreign missions? To learn more about Central preparing students for the mission field, visit our programs page.