Gifts have been given in memory of the following individuals.

WCTS Memorials

In Memory of Allyne Northway                              

By Ms. Gail Trandem

By Ms. Lynn Webster

In Memory of Janet Beals                                        

By Mr. Edwin Beals

By Ms. Gen Olson

CBTS Memorials

In Memory of Eloise Beacham                                 

By Mrs. Alice Wheeler

By Dr. & Mrs. Robert Milliman

In Memory of Lorna Erickson

By Mr. Clarence Erickson

In Memory of Steve Minor  

By Mrs. Alice Wheeler

In Memory of Tom Zempel

By Miss Barbara Russell

By Miss Helen Jansma

First Baptist Church, International Falls, MN

In Memory of Catherine Buck                                 

By Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Pedlar

In Memory of Raymond & Catherine Buck            

By Mrs. Shirley Brown

By Pastor & Mrs. Cary Flinck

By Mrs. Lorraine Wiese

By Mr. Mark Macres

By Kangwei Lee

By Dr. & Mrs. Douglas McLachlan

In Memory of Charles J. Amell                                 

By Catherine Schultz

By Charles Amell II

By Christine Mahan

By Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thomas