Muhammed was a feminist. In fact, Muhammed was a radical feminist.

You didn’t know that? Neither did anyone else until Jim Garrison, founder and president of Ubiquity University, enlightened us in the Huffington Post. He’s evidently read the Quran, you see, and he knows.

Don’t think that Moses or Jesus had anything to do with it.

Jesus did not explicitly comment on the status of women, although he did associate with women of ill repute and with non Jewish women. Moses was thoroughly patriarchal and there is virtually nothing in the Torah that indicates specific concern about women’s rights.

What about Muhammed?

He both explicitly taught the radical equality of women and men as a fundamental tenet of true spirituality, and he took numerous concrete measures to profoundly improve the status and role of women in Arabia during his own lifetime.

Well, that clarifies everything, doesn’t it? If Garrison knows as much about Muhammed as he clearly does about Jesus and Moses, then I think we can draw a few conclusions.

Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.