The past several years have seen a shift away from pastors wearing suits. The decision to opt for more casual wear may be a statement or it may just be a preference for comfort. Still, some pastors wear suits every day, and all pastor will find themselves in situations where a suit is necessary. All pastors should know how to select a suit and how to wear a suit. Wearing the wrong suit, or wearing a suit badly, will often do more damage than good.

Need help in selecting a suit? Here’s a useful guide for ascending the “suit ladder.” It wasn’t put together by Christians. It was written by men who just want to help you know how to look good.

There’s really nothing wrong with a pastor looking good. For that matter, there’s really nothing wrong with any man looking good. But you can only look so good in dockers and a polo. You can only look so good in jeans and a tee. And you can’t look good in shorts or Crocks. Period.