The Certificate in Biblical Counseling is designed for students with diverse backgrounds and ministry goals. They are pastors, elders, deacons, ministry leaders, lay people, counselors, missionaries, and more. The certificate will develop within the student a theological soundness that informs a biblical counseling and discipleship orientation.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED, have a personal testimony of faith, be a member of a Gospel preaching church, and receive a pastor’s recommendation.

Graduation Requirements

  • The program must be completed within five years.
  • All credits must be completed from Central Seminary.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C) must be achieved.

*This certificate is not an academic graduate degree.

The Certificate in Biblical Counseling is a very flexible program designed to meet the needs of pastors, counselors, and teachers. For this reason courses are offered in the semester format (both mornings and evenings), week-long modular format, and weekend format (four Friday evenings and Saturday mornings). The certificate may be completed in two years.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Biblical Counseling consists of 24 credit hours: 14 credits are required and 10 credits are electives.

Required Courses: 14 credit hours

CO 502 The History and Philosophy of Biblical Counseling
CO 503 Theology of Biblical Counseling
CO 504 Comparative Analysis Between Biblical Counseling, Integration
Counseling, Psychological Counseling
CO 501 Foundations of Biblical Counseling
CO 505 Biblical Counseling Process
CO 565 Biblical Counseling/Discipleship in a Local Church Ministry
CO 590 Counseling Internship

Elective Courses: 10 credit hours

(Students may choose any courses listed to meet the elective credit requirement)

CO 522 The Theology of Personhood
CO 550 Marriage and Family
CO 526 Problems and Procedures in Biblical Counseling
CO 530 Counseling Victims and Abusers
CO 510 Current Issues in Biblical Counseling
CO 540 Biblical Philosophy of Addiction
CO 541 Biblical Apologetics to Challenge the Secular Philosophy of Addiction
CO 543 Pharmacology and the Impact of Drugs on the Brain
CO 542 Biblical Procedures and Processes to Counsel Addiction
CO 552 Complementarianism and Biblical Counseling
CO 561 Problems and Procedures in Counseling Women
CO 563 Discipling Women Through Biblical Counseling
CO 562 Controversial Issues in Counseling Women

General Independent Studies (up to 2 credit hours – these are 1 credit classes)

CO 583 Biblical Counseling Alliance
CO 584 Association of Certified Biblical Counseling Annual Conference or CDT Weekend Training
CO 586 Expository Counseling Training Center Online Course
CO 587 Faith Baptist Church, Lafayette, IN Annual Counseling Conference or Regional Conference
CO 588 Addiction Connection
CO 589 Real Life