Some fundamentalist schools resisted accreditation for years. A handful still do. One possible reason may be because they do not understand how accreditation works.

The organization that accredits the accreditors–CHEA–has recently released “A Board Member’s Guide to Accreditation” by Judith S. Eaton. It is a 28-page document aimed (obviously) at people who serve on the boards of institutions of higher learning. It is also a valuable document for anyone who wishes to understand what accreditation is or how it works.

There are still a few institutions that resist accreditation on principle. A few more simply don’t want to go through the work and expense of accreditation. Several fear that they simply could not live up to the organizational and academic requirements of accreditation.

Board members of both accredited and unaccredited schools will find this document helpful. So will others who wish to understand what accreditation is and how it works. It is available for download as a PDF file.