It’s been provided by Brian Crosby at Reformation 21. Here’s his conclusion.

If you and your family do the research and sense a significant likelihood of danger approaching, take reasonable and appropriate steps to prepare. If you live in Florida, the preparations you would make will certainly be different than if you live in Kansas or Alaska. If you live in a volatile financial culture, consider other ways to diversify your assets, like acquiring commodities. I’m not suggesting that you spend your entire retirement overnight on a doomsday bunker, but I am suggesting that you think about whether or not you and your family could survive for a short season (at the least) if you didn’t have access to electricity, gas, or the grocery store. That doesn’t seem too far-fetched. As an Uzbek Christian once said, “Trust God and keep your donkey tied up.”
Personally, I’ve always argued that ammunition will be the currency of the Tribulation.