Alumni of Central Seminary can attend any or all of the masters level course hours offered at Central Seminary as an auditor. Attend on campus or online.

All auditors must complete a formal seminary application as a Non-degree student if not currently enrolled at Central Seminary. The personal information requested is for our records only. The form below must be submitted to the seminary office before class begins; fees are payable by cash, check, or credit card. Please email for more information. Online auditors will need to have the proper hardware and software and abide by all seminary guidelines and etiquette. Click here for information.

Fall Schedule

Spring Schedule

Course Descriptions

Central Seminary is under no obligation to accept or allow auditors. The following guidelines apply for those auditing courses:

  • Auditors are governed by the seminary’s attendance
  • Auditors must complete all required reading, including
    collateral reading, but are not required to take tests, write
    term papers, or complete projects, etc.  Auditors are responsible for aquiring the required resources for the course.
  • Audit grades are recorded as either “Audit Satisfactory” or
    “Audit Unsatisfactory.”
  • Those not currently enrolled at Central Seminary must apply
    for seminary admission as Non-degree students. As seminary students, they must adhere to the Student Handbook in conduct and appearance. 
    Dress code is business casual. 
  • Students cannot change their course registration from credit
    to audit after the semester has commenced.
  • The audit fee for each course is one-half of the tuition of the
    same course taken for credit.
  • The following people may audit courses tuition-free:
    (a) students carrying a load of at least 8 credit hours, (b) graduate program students in their last two semesters of coursework(c) spouses of students carrying a full credit load, and (d) graduates of a degree program at Central Seminary.
  • Auditors customarily do not participate in class discussion.

Audit a class.